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Jan. 21st, 2011


I just finished alll of my finals.The first ones ever. Because they were my first, I kinda freaked out and studied a ton. Which is why I've been MIA. Anyway, I have 3 days off with nothing school related. YAY!!!!!

Jan. 8th, 2011

1st week back at school

So...1st week back from school. Boring. Tiring. That's pretty much it. Oh, but yesterday in sex ed a girl in my p.e. class passed out...

Dec. 30th, 2010

school :(

School's starting again soon :(
I'm sad.

I got the 6th season of Grey's Anatomy and I've watched most of the episodes. I really like the Meredith/Derek pairing. I don't like the Cristina/Owen pairing. I think they got married for the wrong reasons.

Dec. 22nd, 2010

Grey's Anatomy

I now have a new obsession. Grey's Anatomy. That's why I've been MIA this past week, but I'm back. I think I like it so much because the pairing I like actually has scenes instead of like CSI NY.

Dec. 16th, 2010

Winter Break!

Tomorrow is a half day and then....NO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!! Anyway I made an account on deviantart,com but I dont know if I'm gonna put art on it. I'ved seen some of them and they are REALLY good. Better than I could ever do.

Oh, and I watched one of the 2 NEW episodes of psych last night and it was...interesting. At the beginning I was like WTF?! this is the weirdest episode ever!! THen it got better....so overall it was okay.

Dec. 15th, 2010

twilight. Worst. book. ever.

This is how I see Twilight.

Part 1
Hi guys! I'm Bella Swan! Doesn't my name sound like a fuckin hooker name? Anyway, I used to live in Phoenix with my mom but she didn't want me anymore! I wonder why....Anyway she married her boyfriend Dr. Phil so she's too busy to take care of me. I'm living with my dad Charlie Brown and he's been like totally depressed ever since my mom divorce his ass. He is totally still in love with her. Anyway its my first day of school. I had no friends back in Phoenix because I was a recluse. Did I mention that I'm really kinda boring. I have brown hair and brown eyes. Now that I've finished my self-bashing session of the day, I'll go get out of my pile of crap I call a car fabulous vehicle and venture into the deeps of Forks, formally called Knifes, but people thought it was too violent for children.

OMG! Like all the guys are totally hitting on me. I wonder why, I've never had any friends before and I'm soooo ugly. These guys are like, literaly stalking me just to get into my pants go on a date with me. I'm sitting with this girl Jessica (or is it Jennifer, because I only pay attention to the guys' name) and I'm like totally ignoring her cuz she id sooo boring and self-centered kinda like me. Anyway there are the super sexy WHITE guys over in the corner. I'm only going for them cuz there white. And they are like the ONLY guys who haven't hit on me yet today! How could they? Aren't I good enough for them. The one with the ugly rust colored hair is just so gorgous I should totally seduce him and be like "Hey everyone! I slept with the hottest guy at school!" and everyone will love me.

So, I'm in Biology right now, which means I'm stupid because there are freshman in my class and I'm a junior. The hot guy, Jessica/Jennifer said his name is Edward Cullen, that was the only time during lunch I actually listened to her. Anyway I guess everyone in the class is too intimidated my his hotness because he's my la partner. Wait. Why does he look so angry? He must be mad that he saw everyone was hitting on me cuz he totally wants me for himself. Why is he covering his nose? I don't smell bad or anything. I'm just wearing some perfume. Maybe it's from the dumpster I crashed into this morning. Why isn't he looking at me? And why is he so far away from me. I bet he's just so turned on looking at me he's embarassed. Yup, that's way. Anyway, I've like totally been ignoring my Biology teacher which will make a great impression on my first day of school.

Ugh, now I have P.E. I'm just so uncoordinated I run into anything. People used to think I was blind because of how clumsy I am. Anyway, Mike was kind enough to be my partner. He's really nice, at first I considered sleeping with him going out with him, but then I met Eddy who is so delicious I just wanna suck his blood. Did that sound weird? I think it did, who would want to suck someone else's blood? I mean, it's not like vampires are real or anything.

So, my firstday of school was great so now I'm going to go home and cook dinner for my dad because now I'm his slave. MYdad cannot cook for shit and neither can I but I'm better. Then I'm going to do some homework, do some laundry, and then go on my shitty computer (I mean, come one dad, why couldn't you buy me an iPad). Oh, And I'm also going to google Eddy Cullen because he's so sexy and glue pictures of him to my wall cuz it's not stalkerish at all.
2 B Continuedd????

I hate twilight.

If I haven't mentioned it before, I absolutely despise Twilight. Harry Potter all the way!!!! Anyway, today in Spanish some bitches were going off and bitching about how HP sucks and Twilight is oh so amazing. How can anyone like that crap. I do admit I read the books so I can insult it. It just pisses me off that they havent ever read HP. Anyway they have inspired me to write about how sucky it is.

Dec. 14th, 2010

Guess who's back to the land of LJ?

So...I'm back. I haven't updated this in like...a week. A lot have things have happened so I haven't had time to update.

First, my cousin got pneumonia It was really bad, my aunt had to call an ambulance because she almost went into a coma. I kinda freaked out because we are really close. We have been ever since she was there for me when my cat died. She just got released yesterday and she's doing much better :)

Then, yesterday, my dad had to pick my mom up from work because she was having painful back spasms. After they got home it started to get worse and worse. My dad was going to take her to emergency but she couldn't walk. My dad had to call for an ambulance, so they came and took her to the hospital. She had been having back pains a few weeks earlier but it was getting better. Now she has a herniated disk in her lumbar region.

After that my sister was talking to her friend but she wouldn't tell her something because it was "too early to talk about" Her other friend texted her saying to call her. My sister did, and she said her friend's puppy drowned in their pool. :( They think that the cover on their pool wasn't on all the way and he got inside and drowned. It was really sad because he was only 12 weeks old. They got him over the summer after her dog died.

Dec. 9th, 2010


I have a big history test tomorrow. It's open note butmy teacher said it would be hard. Grrrrrr

Dec. 5th, 2010


I have a group history project and we each decided on 2 slides to work onfor the powerpoint. It isn't very good cuz some parts they did didn't go with the title so wewill work on that.

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